Infusing Excitement and Engagement into Learning

Infusing Excitement and Engagement into Learning
School should be Seriously Fun Business.

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Game / Activity for Adding Ten & Subtracting Ten

Grab my new activity while it is 50% off for the next day or so! Click on the link to watch an overview of the learning game.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Frog and Toad Inspires Students! Last week, we worked on elements of reading fluency. We read stories from Arnold Lobel's Frog and Toad books, and listened to others read them on YouTube. Students discovered that when they read aloud with good expression, they tend to "hear" that voice when they read silently. They were thrilled to know that it increased their comprehension, exponentially! I'm so glad I had my phone handy when this little girl erupted with her discovery!

Audio Books: Great Fluency Builders!

Providing excellent and expressive models for fluency, Audio versions of favorite children's books are treasures. Many titles are available on Amazon and other outlets in cd and mp3 formats. Amazon has partnered with Audible to make children's audio files available for a very reasonable price. from Want a more personalized version? Record your own voice reading your child's favorite titles, using your computer or tablet. Burn a CD or load it onto a digital player for your child. Wonderful! I'm on a Frog and Toad spree lately... Here's a link to some wonderful stories from Arnold Lobel that are available on CD from Amazon:

Frog and Toad on Broadway!

Did you know that Arnold Lobel's beloved Frog and Toad characters were the stars of a Tony-nominated Broadway show? I am so sad to have missed it, as its run is over. It is, however, being performed by many community and touring theater groups. I have found some YouTube clips of assorted performances, and they're fun. Here's one: I was thrilled to find that Amazon sells the Original Broadway Cast CD and MP3 for a great price. Click on my blog widget to be taken straight to the Amazon link!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

My all-time favorite book about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Check back to see ideas and activities to coordinate with this wonderful book.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Charlotte's Web, The Classic Animated Movie

Amazon is offering a great price on the DVD version of the 1973 classic film version of Charlotte's Web. This classic musical version featured the voices of Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde, Henry Gibson, Agnes Moorehead, and Pamelyn Ferdin (who was also the voice of Lucy Van Pelt, Charlie Brown's nemesis.) The songs are written by the same team that brought us Mary Poppins and other classics. The 2006 DVD version of Charlotte's Web, starring Dakota Fanning, and the voices of Oprah, Robert Redford, and others, is also available at Amazon for a good price. As a follow-up to the book, students would love comparing the book to both versions of the movie.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anyone Leveling Their Classroom Library?

There's a great tool for you at Scholastic:

This resource will give you a graded reading level, Lexile number, Guided Reading level, and DRA level. There is also a feature that will allow you to find books similar to the one you have searched for. The book's cover is also usually shown.

Books not found on this site can usually be found on Renaissance Learning's similar site, The ATOS formula is used to determine readability at this site.

I always write the reading level inside the cover of a book. Lately, I have been notating the numbers for all of the formulas. This way, should you ever decide to re-tub your books in a different fashion, you'll have all the info you need!

Check it out!